Strangely transcendent
but absolutely real.
Like an unexpected
opening in my life.
I’ve never had a more personal or more
emotionally freeing theatrical experience.



Hi there.  It’s me.
Me.  The person you came here with?

I know.  I look different.

I’m a different age, a different height.
I have a different
frame, a different form.

I’m speaking to you with a different voice.

But.  Look closer.  Listen.
Are you certain you don’t recognize me?


as we speak

are you slowly beginning to

          see me



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What is Second Body?

Second Body is a new way to see and to be seen. We offer one-on-one "encounters," as well as group classes and events.

What began as an artistic experiment through Sightline Arts is fast becoming a movement to revolutionize the way we see and hear each other.

Why Second Body?

In our hyper-connected world, it’s harder than ever to actually connect.

Second Body is an analogue antidote to the modern age. It replaces telepresence with actual presence, and helps us see and hear each other again.

What should I expect?

For a one-on-one Second Body encounter:

When you arrive, you will fitted with a microphone and paired with your "Second"—your own personal live, human avatar.

You and your partner will be brought into separate rooms, and then you will encounter your partner's Second, for a one-on-one conversation.

For group events:

Every class and event is different. Read the full event description, and feel free to inquire below if you have further questions.

Do I need a partner?

For the one-on-one encounter, yes.

It could be your best friend. It could be someone you've only just met. It could be a first date, or your fiftieth anniversary. Bring your mother, bring your child. Every experience is one-of-a-kind.

Where is Second Body?

Second Body is based in NYC.

We currently offer pre-booked encounters for pairs in Manhattan and Brooklyn, at various pop-up locations.

If you’d like to use Second Body to speak long-distance to someone in another city, however, that can be arranged—we are beginning to train Seconds around the country.

Inquire below. And sign up to learn when Second Body will be in your city.

Can I be a Second?

Absolutely. It is a beautiful thing to experience, and it might change your life.

Check out our upcoming Second Classes.

Is this therapy?

Second Body is not therapy.

Some people have found Second Body therapeutic—much in the way one might find tea with a friend, or a great piece of music or a trip to the art museum therapeutic.

But Second Body is no replacement for the services of a mental health professional.

Do you offer workshops for groups / companies?


For small or large groups, Second Body is an incredible way to investigate the ways we perceive one another—conscious and unconscious.

Clients have said that trying Second Body made them reevaluate the way they communicate, and become more open to learning from one another.

Whatever your organization or team, Second Body can open your eyes to new ways of seeing and hearing each other.

Inquire below.



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